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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

13 November 2008

1:40 A.M. Drove through community. Verified that large tree was trimmed at front of (deleted)2 Calico Ct. as requested. Nothing else remarkable.   

1:55 A.M. Arrived at office. Reviewed and signed checks Barbara left on my desk: 13 Checks for CR, 4 for JT, and 3 for WF.

2:10 A.M. Continued with work on Budget and Reserve study preparations.

4:30 A.M. Left the premises.

10:15 A.M. Returned to office. Spoke to Fred Snedden from Pacific Western Bank, the Bank our association has banked with for near a decade. He more or less gave me the same information that Sunwest Bank provided me concerning the five-year loan, and similar interest rate. However, the other Bank’s rate was tied to Treasury notes, and this loan is apparently fixed with no ties to other indexes. The other benefit this recent Bank offers is a seven-year loan duration at the same interest rate. Though, it is always better to pay a loan off as soon as practical.

11:30 A.M. Discussed with Juan the plan to replace both the flat roof, and adjacent small sloped roof at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. next, following completion of the two Scenic Way roofs. Barbara will notify owner that A/C unit must be removed by Monday to facilitate the flat roof work. Juan was authorized to send truck to roofing distributor to acquire roofing materials for this job. Juan also mentioned that flat roof foreman was taking two weeks vacation soon.

11:45 A.M. Typed and printed the minutes of the WF Association’s last Board Meeting.

12:30 P.M. Update adult pool restrooms: In first restroom, all priming and painting work completed except for closet door. Lighting and new plastic diffuser panels were installed. Vertical divider panel that separates toilet stalls is rotten, and men were instructed to make a welded repair, and to reinstall temporarily. We will endeavor to find a replacement, or to fabricate one. The toilet is damaged and will be replaced. I authorized the men to pick up the appropriate quantity of rubber baseboard molding and new toilet, and new water filler valve from Home Depot.

12:36 P.M. Roof replacement work on Scenic is progressing satisfactorily with no remarkable events. The estimated day of completion is Tuesday, except for optional second insulating and defusing panel of Plexiglass we shall obtain a price for – special projects work.

12:45 P.M. Mowing operations are complete in first half, and have proceeded on to the second half of the complex. 

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