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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First day of vaca.

2:00 A.M. Opened office

Status Update Christmas lights operational on both buildings: clubhouse and cabana. Corporate report taken to post office, and was postmarked this date: likely delivery on 28 November. Assembly of the reports progressed nicely up to the point of stapling. The heavy duty stapler intended for the task was, as it has been in prior years for this same task, non consistent. This required much extra work removing improper staple feeds, and such. We must come up with a better plan for future years. The method of placing one staple in the upper left hand corner was originally selected to limit higher costs for special book binders, and the labor to fasten them to each report. It would be a frugal and sufficient method if the stapler performed as it was intended to. Security lighting for side office and maintenance yard (side and back) not left operational as I requested: blackout. Could barely see office key and difficult to navigate to office door. Not a pleasant circumstance. Shall phone Juan today, and request that on Friday this disturbing circumstance be rectified, and that will likely require overtime. Weather The community received much rainfall, though the total as of 27 November is yet to be known, but expected to be between 3/4" and 1 1/2" depending on various geographic locations. We were able to save 50% of normal water usage by changing our controllers yesterday. The extra rain will help with all of our slopes, especially those facing south and west, and was also beneficial to our numerous specimen trees. As the rainy season progresses, we will continue to adjust irrigation durations and frequencies in an attempt to save water, while maintaining plant and tree vigor. Roofing Thus far, we received only three notifications of roof leaks: two flat roof and one sloped roof. One of these calls may be a false positive for a roof leak: inspection revealed small yellow stain in ceiling, but stain was beneath newly installed (a couple of years ago or less) sloped roof. Thus, stain may be pre existing from prior roof failure. We advised residents to keep us informed following next rain to enable us to personally verify wetness of ceiling. In addition to the good news of the lack of roof failures, it is important to take notice that the newer resident on Prairie Ct. - the one who purchased Duffy's home and solicited the Board in person and in writing on several occasions to have flat roof replaced - did not report roof leak as we predicted. Family pool/restrooms Common area lights oKay except: lighting around restroom doors and back by pool pump room not working. Used flashlight to see key and lock, and opened pump room where circuit breakers are located. Found one tripped breaker, but that had no effect on subject lighting, but merely restored operation of microwave in maintenance room. Messages Checked messages on mainline: some reports, but no new roof leak reports - though often, roof leak reports come in days and weeks following a rain event.

Update 3:26 A.M. Discovered another tripped circuit breaker, and restored security lighting to maintenance yard. Breaker could have tripped during rains, so this may be temporary fix . . . but an important one nevertheless — we shall see.

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