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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Man can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness." — George Orwell


Opened clubhouse and checked progress on corporate report pages laid out on three eight foot tables in preparation of collating and efficient, speedy assembly.

4:03 A.M. Entered community from Live Oak Street and drove directly to the office. Fax received. No messages on main line, no electronic mail to answer. Read note from Barbara concerning an Countrywide Bank association CD maturing and it's possible need of relocation elsewhere. Will discuss that further with her today. Noted 4400 laser still has not been repaired by service tech.

5:33 A.M. Drove through all private streets. No parking violations noted. No common area lighting outages, or security concerns apparent.

5:56 A.M. Returned to office.

Daily Planning and Priorities:

Operations We shall primarily focus today on completing minor details on Wagonwheel roof replacements, mostly cosmetic. Shall call for final roof inspection today, for tomorrow. Hot asphalt roofing kettle moved back to storage yesterday. As time and men available, may install additional Christmas lighting on clubhouse and cabana buildings. Shall attempt to format one page delineating dues history for 17 years for inclusion in corporate report. Yesterday, took other two association's much smaller corporate reports to Kinkos for printing and packaging, and shall bill the other associations accordingly. We shall still insert them in large flat envelopes, apply address labels, and postage and mail them out. Shall continue to monitor weather/rain forecast to determine if all irrigation controllers should be turned off. Decided yesterday to leave them operational for last night and this morning. Will likely decide this issue no later than Wednesday afternoon, but that decision will affect the water usage for the upcoming four day holiday weekend, so we shall give it much consideration. The other possibility is to employ the master global percentage control built-in to all irrigation control clocks. Thus, rather than consider only the two extremes of regular irrigation durations, versus no irrigation, we can set the global control to a precise percentage such as 50%, as one example. Finally, the recent areas where sod was installed will have to be given extra consideration concerning irrigation due to their shallow, undeveloped roots.

Office Top priority for today remains corporate reports: organizing, collating, printing, packaging and labeling/postage, etc. Due to the timing of this huge undertaking and the fact that we are closed for Thursday and Friday, Barbara may not be able to complete and close books in order to have monthly financial report completed for next Monday's Board meeting, but perhaps it's possible.

Maintenance I shall continue discussions with Foreman Juan concerning scope, methods. and goals of tentative plan to begin flat roof drain clearing, and rain gutter/downspout clearing next Monday. This shall include each of three crews having plot map, and indicating time and date of work performed, and especially observations of possible problematic roof maintenance issues during their work. These records will serve as evidence of work performed, as well as serving as a portion of the global roof inspections we attempt to accomplish yearly — an indication of due diligence should a roof failure occur.

7:05 A.M. Barbara and men present and all accounted for. Both vacationing workmen returned to work today.

7:10 A.M. Reflected on up to date weather/rain forecast. Directed Juan to have two irrigation control savvy men change global setting on all irrigation clocks to a rain reduction of 50%. If need be, we can readjust to changing weather circumstances as late as Wednesday afternoon, but since it may rain today, I thought this effort would permit the men to take some action without attempting to perform those settings during a downpour.

7:57 A.M. Status Update Sent Juan to Staples for supplies for us, and to Kinkos to check on printing order we placed yesterday for other associations. Roofers working, irrigation men changing clock settings, and Christmas lights being installed. Called city for final roof inspection on Wagonwheel for tomorrow. Rain may interfere with that plan.

8:11 A.M. Received call from laser printer tech. He is expected here within the hour and shall also bring extra toner cartridge we requested for copy machine.

8:35 A.M. Laser printer tech arrived, and checked 4400 laser printer. Bad clutch in paper pick-up system. Took machine to shop since significant disassembly required to access and replace clutch.

8:45 A.M. Juan returned from Staples and Kinkos, and brought with him supplies and corporate reports for other associations.

9:10 A.M. Assisted Barbara in recalculating percentages for 17-year history of dues increases - page intended for inclusion in the corporate report - a popular page with many, and worthy of including. Printing now on copy machine.

9:41 A.M. Left premises. OfC

12:41 P.M. Returned to office. OnC

12:42 P.M. Laser 4400 returned from tech shop. Connected power and network connection. Tested oKay.

12:43 P.M. Status Update All pages of corporate report printed. Total printed page count this year: 17,640. Shall pick-up specially cut clear plastic sheets for front report cover at Kinkos at 1:00 P.M. today, and reports shall begin to be collated and stapled. Gardeners working on Clover and Buckboard Cts., and several grooming bushes only (plant haircuts) across community to enhance overall landscape appearance in preparation of 4-day holiday weekend. Several men raking, bundling and discarding fallen tree leaves. All irrigation control clocks set as I directed. Christmas lights complete at clubhouse, except for large front interior windows - saving those for last because that work can be accomplished during rain. Christmas lights being installed on cabana building presently. All drywall on all walls of adult pool restroom #2 removed from floor to height of 8'. Subsequently, new green drywall shall be installed over plywood. Pick-up green drywall sheets at Home Depot today and unloaded all at rest room #2. Two men continue with work on that project. All irrigation control clocks set as I directed.

1:41 P.M. Both other corporate reports taken to post office for delivery.

1:42 P.M. Barbara and I walked 24' long table and reviewed corporate report docs one-by-one in sequence. Everything appears correct. Final work begins!

1:50 P.M. Two workmen began collating reports with Barbara and me reviewing step-by-step sequence and well known problems to avoid. All 8 x 10 envelopes are addressed, and postage stamps applied. Thus, all 345 reports should be deposited at post office no later than tomorrow, and with no worker overtime.

2:30 P.M. Left premises. OfC

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