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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

"It is a tragic paradox that the very qualities that have led to man's extraordinary capacity for success are also those most likely to destroy him." — Anthony Storr


2:02 A.M. Entered community from Live Oak street and drove through 1/2 the community. Spotted several parking violations. Later this A.M. I shall return and if the vehicles remain, I'll document address, vehicles, and maybe take photos if the battery for the camera flash are up to snuff. Checked on the printing project I left running Sunday afternoon. Printing completed without incident. Checked phone messages on mail line - none. No electronic mail to respond to.

3:06 A.M. Left office to perform more thorough drive-by inspection of all private streets. Parking Several vehicles observed in violation of parking rules earlier this morning were no longer present: likely period parking only. However, the following observations were made and recorded: (deleted) Meadow-black SUV lic. (deleted) parked perpendicularly out from garage - observed there earlier as well. (deleted) N. Shady: Honda Accord lic. (deleted) parallel parked in wrong direction in front of garage - windows fogged - observed there earlier as well. (deleted) Spring Ct.: 4X4 truck lic. (deleted) parallel parked in wrong direction in front of garage - windows fogged - observed there earlier as well. Security Concerns Observed garage door at (deleted) Calico Ct. open - two vehicles in garage, no one present in or around area. Observed garage door at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. open with one vehicle in garage, no one present in or around area. Lighting No common area lights inoperable or blinking were apparent from street views. Other Hot asphalt roofing kettle in place at residence along Wagonwheel, and appeared to be unharmed over weekend stay.

3:48 A.M. Returned to office.

Daily Planning and Priorities:


We shall focus primarily today on winding up flat roof replacement on Wagonwheel, and when kettle cools sufficiently, will attempt to transport it back to its storage location. Likely, details of roof project will keep men busy through tomorrow. Plan to call or visit Home Depot to learn pricing and availability of Marathon sod for future purchases, if any. May attempt to replace broken office scanner by making purchase at Best Buy. Will assess manpower available today before work priorities finalized: two men still on vacation, man injured in vehicle accident may return to work today. We will learn more at 7:00 A.M. as men report for work. I shall once again review our capability of installing Christmas lights on clubhouse/cabana before Thanksgiving weekend, if possible.

Gave additional thought to one Board member's recent suggestion to use a less expensive residential type vanity for adult pool restrooms. I suspect that such a vanity would either have a wooden base, or wooden legs to support it, both of which would make it difficult to clean beneath, around or behind. The adult pool restrooms, as well as the family pool restrooms were designed with flooring that is angled for drainage, and all four restrooms were originally equipped with drains in the floors. There is an interior hose bib attachment inside the restrooms too, designed for hosing out restroom floors for clean-up, and sanitation. Thus, a wooden legged, or wood based vanity would be vulnerable to such periodic water applications, and would likely be much smaller in scale than the freestanding countertops without legs presently are. Just food for thought.

Another worthy thought that came to mind is the need to clean and clear: flat roof drains, and rain gutter/downspouts. There is a tentative forecast for rains this week, though the quantity and duration are yet unknown. Just the cleaning of flat roof drains requires three crews of two men each for the better part of two weeks to accomplish. Sadly, once fall really arrives and trees begin to drop vast quantities of leaves we shall have to repeat this process several more times - same is true of rain gutters, though flat drains take priority since those can lead to catastrophic roof leak incidents, or worse. I fear this is yet another project that remains little known, or not well understood, and takes a large contingency of men for lengthy periods to accomplish - but it would be far too expense to contract out. We will likely begin this work next Monday, weather permitting, so it's doubtful any additional roof replacements or Special Projects work will be completed.

Office Top priority for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, remains corporate reports: organizing, collating, printing, packaging and labeling/postage, etc. This large state mandated project will definitely require several men or more during this process for these three days - another yearly project that requires men and periodically limits their use for maintenance and special projects work. As it relates to manpower use, this is yet another example of a large project we inherited due is this case to the government. True, we always mailed out budget and audit, but the corporate reporting mandate appeared circa 2004, and continues to grow each year with new compliance documents mandated, as well as updating prior documents that are changed nearly each year as well. Not complaining, just informing and enlightening.

4:30 A.M. Formatted graphical chart for dues/reserve allocations. Printed 360 copies on 8500 laser. Paused to replace black toner cartridge. Formatted, minor editing to Association Overview, one page document. Printed 360 copies on 4400 laser.

7:05 A.M. Barbara and men arrived at 7:00. All accounted for except two on vacation, and one out due to auto accident last weekend. Directed Juan to phone injured worker to determine if he was able and willing to work only on mailing. He responded affirmatively.

7:15 A.M. Discussed work plan and priorities with Juan. He acknowledged. Barbara sent Juan to Staples to purchase one more case of paper reams.

9:03 A.M. Left premises for lunch break.

8:48 A.M. Returned to office.

9:08 A.M. Barbara mentioned that the 4400 laser was jammed. Open the doors, inspected, no jam could be located. Suggested we call for service.

9:15 A.M. Formatted one page of a two page color document entitled "Overview" for corporate report. Took six new photos of community areas today for inclusion on those two pages (typical). Tested, edited, and printed 360 pages.

10:37 A.M. Left premises, hospital trip. OfC

12.05 P.M. Returned to work. OnC

12:10 P.M. Received draft of her letter for corporate report back from Darlene Chandler with minor corrections/additions. Make changes. Printed 360 copies on copier since 4400 laser inoperative.

12:28 P.M. Status Update Injured worker decided to work today assisting with report processing: labels, stuffing, postage, etc. Also, one man returned from vacation. Thus, we began some Christmas lighting installs on clubhouse building. Directed they be tested and then disconnected until Wednesday night near to quitting time. Flat roof receiving #3 paper and gravel today. We hope to transport kettle back to storage before 3:00 P.M. Most gardeners working on raking numerous fallen leaves from various areas. Sad fact: by tomorrow, no one will ever know we spent hours raking, since a whole multitude of new leaves will appear. Second vacationing man will return tomorrow!

1:04 P.M. Formatted second page of a two page color document entitled "Overview" for corporate report. Tested, edited, and printed 360 pages.

1:27 P.M. Located, updated, and printed 360 B&W pages of "Notes to 2009 Reserve Study", for inclusion in corporate report.

2:30 P.M. Left premises. OfC

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