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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Arrived at office 3:00 A.M. (? check alarm time)

Continued sorting, formatting and changing documents for printing and inclusion in association's corporate report. Printing B&W copies on 4400 laser, and color copies on 8550 laser. Began creating graphical charts for distributions and allocations: operations, reserve and landscape maintenance.

6:10 A.M. Left the premises. OfC

9:45 A.M. Returned to office. OnC

12:18 P.M. Thus far, completed printing of: 1,800 B&W pages, and 1,440 colored — total pages 3,240.

1:05 P.M. Left 8550 machine running with 250 copies to print. Paper tray full.

1:14 P.M. 3,600 pages printed.

1:15 P.M. Left premises. OfC

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