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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Monday, 17 November 2008


3:01 A.M. Drove through community. Noted condition of turf, planters and soil surrounding parkway trees - excessively dry due to high day/night temperatures, and especially sustaining winds over weekend. Took random soil core sample with soil moisture probe to depth of six inches. Noted hydrophobicity of soil in general. I shall direct additional manual irrigation clock irrigation today to restore moisture levels, especially for specimen trees. One parking violation noted at (deleted) Mountain Ct. - parking in front of garage overnight. No lights showing from inside that residence. Shall inform Barbara. Street pole light at front of (deleted) Cascade Ct. is non operational, and not blinking. Shall replace bulb and check circuit for bad ballast, or possible wiring problems. Noted pole light non functioning between garages of (deleted) and (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. Opened office, deactivated alarm. Inspected family pool area and restrooms. One umbrella opened, and toppled over onto deck. Will check further at sunrise. Activated whole house fan in clubhouse, opened windows and door in office - effort to remove stench from fire and wet ash, and to drop ambient temperatures inside for the benefit of in-house server and other equipment.

3:30 A.M. Daily Planning

Office: Continue with organization and planning for corporate reports. Review recently fax pages from law firm concerning delinquent report logs, and take action where necessary. Begin new weekly employee daily time log. Check messages on other two secondary phone message recordings. Attempt to verify if A/C was removed from flat roof on Wagonwheel to facilitate flat roof replacement. If and when time permits, drive to Best Buy and replace broken office scanner with one compatible with our older operating system, if such available.

Operations: Check status of Scenic Way double wood roof replacement. Call for final inspection if warranted. Direct three separate irrigation men to begin manual clock watering of all areas. Retrieve fallen umbrella from family pool and replace to its original position. Check it for damage. Direct two men to check, clean, and report back on status and condition of pool water, chemistry, flow rates of filter pumps, and any furniture or other problems caused by winds. Check on status of remodeling work at two adult pool restrooms. Check for fallen tree limbs and other wind related problems. Pick up suitable number and variety of flowering plants for two circular planters at the front of Surry Ct. Measure and order sod for front of Surry Ct., and beyond, and schedule delivery for Tuesday morning if available. Prepare soil edges for sod install. Check on internet for weather and wind status update prior to men's arrival to reconcile with flat roof replacement project contemplated.

Maintenance: Replace two air circulation filters at office, enter date in on-going office log established for that purpose. Check plastic roof coverings on all covered roofs, and repair/replace as required. Check and verify men reporting for work and their punctuality, and enter on daily office payroll log. Clean ash, embers and fire debris from front of office, office pathway and maintenance yard in general. Flat roof foreman on vacation. Meet with Juan and three flat roof men to discuss upcoming flat roof replacement on Wagonwheel Cir. Measure for secondary Plexiglass panel for Scenic Way skylight - special projects. Check skylights at: (deleted) Calico Ct., and Wagonwheel Cir. - measure and order replacements - special projects. Restore (deleted)8 Cascade street light and report back findings. Restore street light between garages at (deleted) and (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir, and report back. Gather fallen umbrella at family pool and report back condition. Check in storage on Christmas lights for clubhouse and cabana buildings, and report on status of bulbs needed, if any. Clean-up all debris and fallen tree limbs in common areas due to winds, and report back. Continue work on Scenic Way roof replacements. Check on prevailing winds first and if conditions suitable, then prepare roof kettle and other equipment for flat roof replacements at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. - building permits already acquired - transport four large propane cylinders to station and have filled to capacity.

5:15 A.M. Telephoned Southland Sod Farm Company in Port Hueneme, CA. They do not open office 'till 7:00 A.M. Checked internet weather: current 63 degrees, zero wind currently - none expected, 86 high predicted, no precipitation predicted for next five days.

6:18 A.M. Sunrise. Shall now inspect lawns, flowers, plants and trees, and regularly scheduled irrigation cycles currently in progress within Phase I and II.

6:45 A.M. Noted no symptoms of lawn fungus present, which is very good circumstance considering the recent high weekend daytime temperatures coupled with the record breaking Saturday night/Sunday morning minimum low temperature of 77 degrees!

7:00 A.M. Men arrived. All accounted for, but with 3 of 15 men absent: two men on vocation, one injured in traffic collision this weekend and remains hospitalized.

7:05 A.M. Gave foreman printed copy of daily work orders and their priority. Met with Juan and four men selected to perform roof replacement on Wagonwheel, which will likely begin Tuesday morning. During meeting, discussed numerous safety precautions and policies concerning: the men, the kettle and equipment, and both fire explosion prevention and fire retarding equipment: fire extinguisher and 3/4" fire hose, both of which need be present from start to finish.

7:25 A.M. Phoned in order for 1,000 sq. ft. of dwarf Marathon fescue SOD: $454.55, my wholesale cost including delivery and sales tax. Order shall be delivered Tuesday morning. Installation will begin shortly after that, and continue unabated until complete.

8:30 A.M. Left premises, lunch hour.

9:30 A.M. Returned to office.

10:15 A.M. At Barbara's request, drove to Wells Fargo bank to obtain cashiers check for $16,000.00, withdrawn from a CD that was maturing. Money shall be deposited in Pacific Western Bank, association savings account for quicker access if needed in balance of year, or in 2009. Balance of $76K in CD rolled over for new seven month term.

10:45 A.M. Returned to office.

10:51 A.M. Fielded a call from Sun Street Sweeping. They inquired if CR would require additional seeping due to fire debris. I told him no, since our men are cleaning up larger excess debris today, but thanked him for inquiring.

11:30 A.M. Left the premises. OfC

1:30 P.M. Returned to office. OnC

1:31 P.M. Met with Juan and took him to the family pool and showed him that skimmers were not functioning properly in the time allotted. I spotted this problem upon my return, because the sun lit the pool surface at just the right angel. I suggested flow rate too low, and filter grids likely need cleaning. I directed him to prioritize this project.

Maintenance Status Update, 1:40 P.M.

Drove to adult pool to check on work progress at the restrooms. Work progressing. Checked Scenic Way roof replacements. May be able to call today for final city inspection tomorrow, but men still working on small details to finish. Probably won't know for sure until after 3:00 today. Drove to Surry Ct. Five men working to prepare bare soil in that area to receive 1,000 sq. ft. of sod. Mulching and sprinkler work was finished before. Current work includes tapering down soil near edge of any cement sidewalk or border. Raking and cleaning rocks and large debris from soil, and landscape raking of finish grade. Work should be completed by 3:30 P.M. today. Both common area pole lights: (deleted) Cascade and (deleted) Wagonwheel were restored to working order. Clubhouse air filters changed and log entry made. Clubhouse area and walkways were cleaned and hosed down today to remove ash, embers and other fire debris, as requested.

2:14 P.M. Barbara mentioned that financial system computer terminals could not print to any printer. We checked settings and all appeared well. We'll keep working on it.

2:53 P.M. Scenic Way, double roof replacement is oKay for roof final inspection. Will phone in now.

2:56 P.M. Resident notified us that pole light at (deleted) Cactus is not operational at night. Dispatched man to check on, and restore it now.

3:59 P.M. Received call from Ed Knorn, JT President making inquiry concerning one of their properties in foreclosure. We shall inquire with law firm working on that case, and provide him the information tomorrow.

4:02 P.M. Computer tech working on our Windoze server stated that the server needs to be rebuilt and upgraded from Windoze 2000 to Windoze XP. Work should be completed by Tomorrow.

4:32 P.M. Left the premises. OfC

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