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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

Saturday, 15 November 2008

2:30 A.M. Drove through community. No parking violations along private streets noted. No apparent common area lighting outages. Noted the pole light on Butte Court was restored operational yesterday as requested. Nothing else remarkable.    

2:52 A.M. Arrived at the office. Began daily log entries. Received and reviewed numerous faxed documents in the form of timeline reports from law firm handling delinquencies.

2:58 A.M. — Daily Planning

Office: Saturday, office Closed.
Maintenance: Saturday, office Closed.
Operations: Continue work on budget and reserve formatting, and reviewing, organizing and updating documents for soon to be mailed corporate report.

3:15 A.M. Added log entry to 14 November log, reporting at 1:45 P.M. about disturbing confrontation at office between Barbara and irate homeowner.

3:20 A.M. Gave serious consideration to fabricating toilet stall replacement divider for adult pool restroom #1 — already made temporary welded repairs to original non stainless steel panel. We can purchase stainless steel from Schoor Metals Company for use on this project. However, we've only ever required welding supplies for normal steel, iron, and aluminum. We would require one small additional pressurized tank for the different shielding gas required for stainless steel, since one cannot mix gases in existing tanks because there is no means to clean the inside of tanks. We shall also need the stainless steel welding wire spool, some different hand tools, but this should all require less that $150 total expenditure, and I suspect that in the not too distant future, we shall use this again at the family pool restrooms. Making list. Will eventually create CAD drawing before stainless steel is purchased, and work begins.

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