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Daily Log Entries — Operations — November 2008

12 November 2008

3:20 A.M. Drove through community. No apparent common area lighting outages. Verified tree was trimmed at front of (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir., as I previously requested.   

3:30 A.M. Arrived at the office.

3:40 A.M. Received written reply from Board Memo concerning incorrect entry for per lot monthly allocation to Stucco Reserve. I rechecked formula and all individual data for that reserve account.

3:58 A.M. Sent reply note: “OK, I found it. The numerical entry of the projected cost of $349,000 was an arrant, incorrect number. That amount should be $109,000 instead. And as such, it certainly makes more sense when one compares it with the projected cost for wood stain - more costly, but not 30 times more. A good catch! Thanks for the great info. Rob.”

4:05 A.M. Checked note left by Barbara concerning complaint received that two vehicles of resident on Prairie Ct. were parking overnight in guest parking. Drove to Prairie Ct, and observed that neither reported vehicles were parked in guest parking as at 4:10 A.M. this date.

4:15 A.M. Checked messages on three separate phone lines. Received inquiry from WF community President concerning a landscape matter. Inquiry: “Rob, Did you have an opportunity to talk to Artistic Landscape Maintenance Company about our landscaping?” Sent reply: “Yes, the same day you reported it, and that communication was logged within the WF incident log. Rob.” Received a message from a homeowner that our roofers that worked on their townhome yesterday may have caused a circuit breaker to trip – reported no power in dinning room wall receptacle outlets. We shall check that particular circumstance this morning shortly after the men arrive. Made log entries.   

Daily Planning

OFFICE Barbara will be absent from the office today, but she shall attend to various bookkeeping matters all of today at her home terminal and office: check writing, receivables processing, and other related bookkeeping tasks.

OPERATIONS Due to Barbara’s absence from the office, I shall field all calls, messages, and walk-in inquiries. I shall also begin work on formatting of numerous 2009 budget and reserve spread sheets since both were reviewed and approved by the Board at Monday night’s Board meeting. Other documents that will be included in the soon to be mailed state mandated corporate report will be retrieved, organized and reviewed. Work in progress on the Cabana restrooms at adult pool facility will be closely monitored. A walk through inspection of the gardening work that was performed at the family pool area and elsewhere yesterday will be conducted after sunrise. Plans will be made for mowing operations: a check will be given to men to obtain gasoline for lawn care equipment, and mowers will be cleaned and adjusted, and care will be taken to keep mowers separated: some for the new fescue lawns, others for the bermuda grass.

WORKFORCE Two men shall continue to work on the adult pool restroom project. The numerous fallen leaves shall be removed from the two wood roofs at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. Work shall be performed after 9:00 A.M., and resident shall be notified prior by phone to ensure dog is not in patio and window coverings are closed in second story bedrooms. STATUS UPDATES Inspections will be made for the irrigation valve replacement at (deleted) Buckboard, for the leaky valve-head worked on yesterday between (deleted) and (deleted) Clover Ct., and for the common area hose bib coupler install at the front of (deleted) Cactus Ct.

4:59 A.M. Began work on final 2009 budget and reserve draft.

5:15 A.M. Drafted and sent Board Memo concerning request to notify two owners concerning my new ten hours per day, or fifty hour per week work schedule. Note sent at 5:27 A.M. 

5:16 A.M. Returned to budget and reserve work. Made log entries.

5:20 A.M. Wrote memo to Board concerning reason for error on stucco reserve schedule.

Note sent at 5:27 A.M.: “I could not help myself from continuing to ponder the cause of that incorrect stucco number appearing on our reserve spread sheet. Though it's certainly not real important, I finally had a revelation. A month or so ago, JT finished their exterior stucco painting and wood staining of their 120 townhomes. I was instrumental in writing the bid specifications, receiving the bids and turning them over to the Board. I remember at that time several months ago being surprised not only at the total variance of each of the bids received, $100,000 give or take, but the high cost of the whole project overall. Then I remembered that several months ago, I pulled up our reserve study spread sheet file and began to plug in different values. My premise was that JT is 1/3 our size, so I tripled the cost they paid, and entered those new numbers into our spreadsheet. This was more than just curiosity it was an opportunity and means to compare our projected in-house costs with real and current costs for contractors. I marveled at how much less we needed to accrue in our painting/staining reserve than we did when I plugged in the higher JT numbers. It was a good thing! Apparently, when I finished my comparison, I reentered the original numbers, but apparently failed to restore our stucco reserve number before I saved that file back onto disk. Thus, the error was all due to this, and it taught me a good lessen: to be more careful in the future. Rob”

7:00 A.M. The men arrived and all accounted for. I met with Juan to discuss today’s activities as specified above. Mowing shall begin in Phase one. I gave Juan two petty cash checks: one for gasoline for the mowers, and one for Home Depot where we shall purchase the finish paint for the two adult pool restrooms, and a drywall texture hopper to replace one that is non operational.

7:31 A.M Took a one hour lunch break, and left the premises. 

8:31 Returned to office.

8:47 A.M. Juan gave me status updates on a variety of projects. A circuit breaker was tripped at the Scenic Way home, likely by our men’s use of a compressor used to operate the nail gun for the re roof project, and that breaker was restored to operational first thing this morning. The valve replacement of Buckboard is no longer leaking. The valve head gasket leak at Clover was inspected, but too much water from prior leak remains within the below ground valve box. Excess water shall be removed, that station shall be turned off for tonight, and we will re-inspect tomorrow.

9:10 A.M. Left the office: drove to gas station to fuel truck, and to purchase bottle of drinking water since no filtered or bottle water is available at the clubhouse or office. On the way back, I drove to various locations to check on work in progress: one of our men is currently maintaining the pools: checking/adding chemicals, increasing water levels to replace evaporated water, vacuuming and emptying skimmer baskets and filling in log for County pool inspectors. The roof crew continues with the Scenic Way roof replacements with good steady progress. Gardeners are edging, weed-eating and mowing in the first Phase. All men working and those operating equipment other than mowers are wearing eye protection that we require. One restroom at the adult pool is being primed by two men, and that task nears completion at this time. An additional check of the 1 1/4” irrigation valve between (deleted) and (deleted) Clover reveals that even more water is filling the irrigation box. I decided to excavate the box and surrounding soil attempting to learn source of water leak. One of our irrigation men is working on that project presently.      

9:30 A.M. Returned to office.

9:35 A.M. Played recorded phone message. CR Resident seeks special project: outside patio facet repair, water leaking constantly.

9:40 A.M. Juan mentioned that we have three men requesting to take their vacations. I approved the plan. I mentioned to Juan that, unlike last year, we need to plan for and install Christmas lights on the clubhouse and cabana, and have them operational by Thanksgiving.

10:00 A.M Received a call from resident at (deleted) Panorama Ct. They requested a vacation watch for a specified duration. Their emergency number is still on file from previous vacation watches. 

10:30 A.M.Telephoned a bank that specializes in making bank loans to associations specifically to fund major repair work.

11:25 A.M. Received phone call from resident at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. concerning possible roof leak just discovered. Made arrangements to respond there within next ten minutes.  

11:44 A.M. Sent memo on bank loan topic to the Board and Executive Committee.

12:30 P.M. Drove to Pacific Bank to make inquiries concerning association loans.

12:51 P.M. Met with resident from (deleted) Panorama Ct. here at office. I gave tour of clubhouse, kitchen and explained details of clubhouse rental fee, requirements and restrictions. They are interested in renting it in January. I left information for Barbara, who handles such matters. 

12:59 P.M. Updates: On Scenic Way, the new deck sheeting for two wood Roof replacements will be completed by day’s end. Thus, I shall call now for a sheeting inspection for tomorrow morning. Today’s roof leak report at (deleted) Wagonwheel Cir. is diagnosed to originate between an old warn flat roof, and an adjacent old sloped roof. Both need replacing immediately due to the flat roof, and because it is the rainy season now. This will be treated as a urgency, and as such, a double larger roof crew (for flat and sloped roofs), shall be utilized to complete this job quickly once started because this particular flat roof cannot be covered to protect from rain. Made Log entries.

1:20 P.M. Left for the day, worked ten hours.   

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